Area rugs and hardwood floors

Area rugs are simply wonderful! They add a whole different element to the decor of the room in which they are in. From solids, to patterns to intricate textures and colors, it’s easy to stumble across a rug that just works.

If you have existing hardwood floors in your home then feel free to place them where ever you would like. However, if you have recently had your wood floors installed or resurfaced then there are a few things you should know:

1. Always wait approximately 30 days after your floors have been finished if oil based polyurethane was used. If you floors were finished with water modified floor finish then you only need to wait 7 days.

2. Invest in a high quality carpet pad. This will prevent the rug from shifting around and most importantly prevent the backing of the rug to scratch up the floors. Even the slightest shifting of a rug without a pad can create many fine swirls on your floor’s surface that can easily be avoided.

3. Rule of thumb every several months area rugs should be moved and placed in different locations. This is a tough rule to follow and is really on a case by case basis. Let’s say you throw a new area rug in the center of your formal dining room and place your dining set right on top. Fast forward 5-10 years and when you lift that rug you will see an outline and discoloration as the floors ambers and gains depth with age. The area underneath the rug will be clearer and look brand new. To avoid this from happening we recommend moving your area rugs every 3 months or so. If your rug’s placement is perfect and you have no plans of moving it in the future then leave it be and just be sure to keep it vacummed regurlarly.