Cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floors

Cleaning and maintaining wood floors is the most effective way to ensure your hardwoods will look great for years to come and hold up the the everyday wear and tear us New Englanders give to our floors. The number 1 investment would be a vacuum with a brush or soft felt head to catch all outside debris, gravel, dust etc. These particles fine or small latch on to socks, barefeet, soles and inevitabely create surface scratches. Second would be do pick up a wood floor cleaning spray, we highly recommend Bona Kemi floor cleaning spray and all it’s accessories:

These are readily available online and at many big box stores such as Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Lowes, etc.

Use the spray once or twice a week depending on traffic and use. Bona offers a very mild solution that does not alter the floor’s top coat in anyway. Althought mild and does not offer a shine it is very effective and cleaning the wood floors and picking up fine dust particles that your vacuum leaves behind. Refrain from using products such as Murphy’s Oil Soap, Orange Glo, Pine Sol, etc. These products although may freshen up your floors at first, their long term affects cause more damage than good. They either create a thin film on your wood floor’s top coat or dillute the finish from the top down.

Another excellent tip would be to incorporate area rugs, runners and welcome mats and place them in high traffic areas. They catch much of the debris that causes scratches and when it comes time to vacuum you can tend to the rugs first then on to the floors.

Using area rugs and runners, vacuuming your wood floors regularly and using Bona Kemi’s floor cleaner is the ideal way to keep up with your floor’s required maintaince. Doing so will protect it’s sheen and ensure your floors will last for many years.