Floors newly refinished or resurfaced!? Now what?

Finally! You’ve finally had your wood floors sanded down and refinished. The flooring guys have done their magic and have taken off (and by flooring guys we hope it was us!) Now what? Well before you throw a huge housewarming party, host a tap dancing contest or start an inhome bowling business in your home, here are some do’s and dont’s regarding freshly refinished hardwood floors.

The most important thing to understand is the concept of curing. Curing is when a finish whether paint, epoxy, polyurethane, stain etc. has reached it’s maximum drying hardness and is 100% dry ready for normal wear and traffic. Ever paint a wall in your home? Within 2 to 3 hours the walls or trim you painted were most likely dry to the touch. Dry to the touch means only that the solvents in the paint evaporated into the air and it is literally dry to the touch. Same with wood floor finished. When we leave a job the floor is generally dry enough to walk on within 8 hours however we strongly recommend against trying that. Within 24 hours your floor should be ready for peeking with socks only. Furniture can go back in 48 hours and normal traffic is ok as well. However, the floor finish still needs roughly 3 weeks to cure (case by case) meaning you should try and baby your floor for that period of time. Although the finish applied during the final coat is now dry it is still susceptible to scuffing and scratching will be easier during the period in which your floors are curing. Wearing socks and flip flops around the house will be beneficial as well as constant vacuuming and cleaning the floors with Bona Kemi Floor Cleaner (available at big box stores).

When in doubt call your wood flooring pros (hopefully us!)