Installing hardwood floors over a cement slab (subfloor)

We have seen a 25% increase this year alone in new hardwood floor installations over cement. Normally up here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts we encounter cement slabs or subfloors in resedential condominiums or commercial applications. Installing wood floors over a cement subfloors is a bit less forgiving than standard installations and selecting a quality grade of flooring is crucial as milling and tounge and groove construction have to be spot on to allow the boards to lock into place directly. Generally speaking, wood floors can be installed by either floating an engineered hardwood floor over cement or gluing it directly to the slab. Floating is a bit more cost effective and mitigates sounds however leaves a bouncy feel that same people don’t mind and others do not care for too much. Gluing a wood floor directly to the cement subfloor is a slow and tedious process however much more permanent. Once it is down removing it requires heavy equipment where as removing a floating floor can be done with ease. Either way each installation once installed proffesionally is not going anywhere and visually both are identical.