Adding floor flare to your new wood floor installation project.

There are several ways floor owners can add a custom element of design or flare to a new wood floor installation for their home or business. Traditionally wood floor installers come in, set up shop, snap a straight line and start laying out floors in a single direction from beginning to end. Once installed, wood floors can last the life of the home with proper maintenance and through professional resurfacing and refinishing.¬†Installed as is, wood floors exemplify walkable art so lets take a look at some ways you can install wood floors with a “wow” factor.


Herringbone Wood Floor Installation


Herringbone coins it’s term from the bones of a Herrin fish (a zig zag pattern) or as I personally refer to it (the pattern on Charlie Brown’s shirt.) Planks must be exact multiples of their width to execute the stunning pattern across a floor. From different viewing angles alternate rows of the herringbone pattern create visually exciting tricks to the eye as the manner in which light bounces off each row exhibits it’s own shade and color. Can be installed wall to wall or accented with a border or inlay.

Chevron Wood Floor Installation


Chevron wood floors are similar to Herringbones with a twist, planks meet at and angle and are installed in parallel rows to each other. Chevron floors accentuate long hallways and instill an aura of luxury to the entire space. Along with the Herringbone installation method, Chevron wood floors can be installed in many different species of flooring both unfinished and prefinished.

Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

Hand-scraped wood floor

The reclaimed and distressed look have been a staple in the furniture industry for some time now and the trend has rolled over to wood flooring by way of hand scraped wood floors. Hand scraped floors have scraped cuts, grooves and gouges that run along the floor boards one by one and as a whole. They create a heavily textured and worn look to mimic hundred plus year old floors. “Distressed” upon installing they are a great option for heavily traffic floors as inevitable dings and dents will add character to the already unique texture from hand scraping. Prefinished or out of the box ready wood floors can come hand scraped from select manufacturers and unfinished or site finished wood floors can be hand scraped by the installers prior to finishing. The look is created by using different width and shaped scrapers, with and without weights to create a truly custom hand scraped floor.

Inlay and Border Accents


One of the simplest ways to add flare to a new wood floor installation is to add a border with or with out a contrasting inlay. Imagine a square or rectangle room with four corners. Instead of laying the floor the same direction from wall to wall you can choose to add borders at every corner to create a stunning floor that will yield looks and compliments for the life of your floors.