UV Floor Curing

New for 2015! We now offer UV floor curing refinishing services!

UV Floor CuringFor years products that have been finished and cured with UV lighting technology have surpassed durability and scratch resistance standards. What has been available for products from nail polish to dental fillings are finally now available for wood floor finishes. Once a final coat of wood floor finish is applied we wait and immediately upon drying we go over every square inch of the newly finished floor with UV ray emmiting machines and essentially “bake” the foor on site and instantly cure it! This means the floor is 100% cured and ready for normal use. Furniture and rugs can be placed immediately upon completion opposed to waiting days or weeks for floors to reach full cure. Families can get back into their home the same day we are done and business can be ready for customers with virtually no down time! Not only are UV cured finished floors 2×4 times stronger than any floor finish available, they are low VOC and do not emmit harmful carcinogens in the air.

Below are some highlights:

  • Strongest wood floor finish currently available worldwide
  • Super low VOC, eco friendly and little to no odor
  • Superior chemical and scratch resistance
  • Ideal for high traffic residential and the only finish recommended for commercial applications
  • Instant cure opposed to Oil Based Polyrethane (30 days)
  • No harmful emmisions into the air and low VOC
  • UV cured wood floors allow for heavy use and minimal maintenance
  • Most jobs can be completed in 1 or 2 days start to finish opposed to days or weeks
  • Restaurants, bars, stores can be done over night or during closed business hours and be 100% ready for business with no need to cut into normal operating hours

***In addition to UV wood floor finishes we also finish our floors with either oil based polyurethane and water modified finishes. See below for differences our contact us directly with any questions. We are hardwood floor experts and can match you with the correct finish that suits your needs.

UV Floor Curing

Oil – Water – UV Cured

We offer 3 different wood floor finishes.  We are here to match you with the site finished floor application that is right for you. For the record, we do not use dangerous, combustible finishes such as laquer sealer or moisture cure. These are oudated, harmful finishes that have been outlawed in many states due to their harmful effects on the respitory system and combustible properties. We strictly use low VOC and VOC free finishes that are healthy for you and your home, safe for the enviroment and stronger for your floor.

In a nutshell the following finishes are coatings that are applied to a wood floor after all sanding and prep work is complete. We are often asked which is the best wood floor coating available and we truly beleive that each floor application suits everyone’s needs differently. For example, for those on a budget, are flipping a home, have a low traffic home (no pets or kids) or plan to move within several years then an oil based polyurethane may be just right for you. However to those who need to be back on their floors as soon as possible, want a super clear modern non yellowing finish, have very high traffic in their homes or businesses or have health concerns and want the safest finish available then water modified or a UV cured finish may be right for you.


UV Floor Curing

Oil Based Polyurethane

  • $ [cost effective]
  • enhances natural beauty of the wood with a rich ambering effect
  • available in 3 sheens: satin, semi and high gloss
  • each coat requires 24 hours inbetween coats
  • releases small odor and emits hydrocarbons into the air while drying
  • needs roughly 30 days to reach full cure
  • floors susceptible to scuffing and scratching until full cure
  • moderately scratch resistent
  • ideal for residential and light commercial applications


UV Floor Curing

Water Modified Floor Finish

  • $$ [slightly more expensive than oil based polyurethane]
  • milky white finish, dries clear and leaves no ambering effect on wood
  • earth friendly, super low voc content, does not gass off harmfull emmisions
  • can be recoated in less than 2 hours opposed to 24 hours when using oil
  • needs roughly 7 days to reach full cure
  • higher scratch and scuff resistency opposed to oil based polyurethane
  • ideal for residential and commercial applications


UV Floor Curing

UV Cured Wood Floor Finish

  • $$$ [slightly more expensive than water modified floor finish]
  • same process as water modified except final coat is cured with uv ray machines
  • breakthrough new technology that allows floor to fully cure instantly, no more waiting
  • traffic, rugs, furniture ok immediately after floor is cured
  • super low voc content, no harmfull emmisions, earth friendly
  • restaurants and retail stores can be resurfaced overnight and not lose business
  • highest scratch, scuff and chemical resistant wood floor coating available
  • hardest, most durable finish for wood floors currently available
  • ideal for high residential traffic and all commercial applications