Winter’s effect on your wood floors

Last winter here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts we broke records. We experienced some heavy snowfalls and wicked bad storms. The heavy snow really took it’s toll and uppped the wear and tear on many of our wood floors here in New England. We even had a few extensive repairs in which we had to rip out andreplace sections of wood floors in homes because of inconspicuous leaks that wreaked havoc. Some leaks were visible but many were not until the damage was too late.

Adapting a new regime to releive your floors of winter’s heavy burden is quite simple however. In all entrances of the house invest in a large rubber weather proof mat to collect boots and shoes from outside. When someone enters the home they should immediately remove their outside shoes and place them on the mat, from there having flip flops or sandals ready for indoors is the best way to keep outside snow, gravel and salt from entering your home. This is a practice that should be adopted by whomever resides in the home and extended to close friends and relatives. Here is the kicker, not everyone who visits your home has to remove their shoes (unless you prefer them to.) Say for instance you are hosting a Christmas party, it may or may not be awkard for you to have everyone remove their shoes before entering your home as they will most likely not be prepared to do so. So you’re best bet is to pick up some very heavy straw mats and even a cheap runner just for the purpose of tracking in oustide debris. It is totally acceptable for you to ask your guests to please wipe their feet before entering your home or establishment. Once the event has come to an end you can pick up the straw mat and runner, clean them off and save them for another time. At that point a quick vacuum and cleaning of the floor would be ideal. When everything is back to normal you can go back to your regime of removing your shoes before you enter home, slip onto those comfortable (and clean) flip flops or slippers and enjoy your time inside your home as you normally would. The finish on your wood floors is strong enough for hold up to events such as parties as they are not an often occrurence however your habits on floor maintenance is what will determin the longevity of your floor’s for years to come.